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Scanning is an old technique wherein you can scrutinize images, documents, objects and convert them into a digital image. However, it has now become a wider concept due to the use and application of 3D technology. Yes, 3D scanning is giving us more than we expected. A 3D scanner examines the real world surrounding or object and gains information about its shape and colour before transforming it into a digital image. After processing this data is used for printing 3D sample models. 3D scanning solutions in India are being increasingly sought after due to the increasing demand for 3D objects.

3D Scanning Process

How Does It Work?

The 3D scanner concentrates on the surface of the object wherein they create geometric samples and these points are used for reconstruction of the object later. The 3D scanning procedure is divided into two categories, namely, contact and non-contact.

Why 3D Scanning?

Today, many companies are depending on 3D scanning as it is much easier to scan a real-world object rather than creating a new one. Companies hire 3D scanning services to fulfill their business requirements. There are several benefits of 3D scanning.

  • It saves your time in designing the object.
  • It captures accurate measurements of a physical object.
  • 3D scanning can provide you updated version since it easily replaces a missing or older part.
  • It increases the efficiency of the designer and engineer while making difficult objects.

3D Scanning product

Why Work With 3D Spectra Tech

Many 3D scanning services have come up in India as they have understood the need for quality 3D scanning for companies. 3D Spectra Technologies is one such digital solutions provider who also focuses on 3D scanning services in India.

Our 3D Scanning Services

We provide cost-effective, state of the art 3D scanning services using structured light scanners and laser scanners.  Our impressive array of 3D scanners includes versatile handheld and portable scanners that are more flexible to operate than fixed base scanners. You can also avail professional and industrial 3D scanners if you are looking for absolute precision and fine detailing in your product design.

Using specialized software, the different point clouds are aligned together. The final data set is post-processed to the desired file format for the customers’ application. Achieve high levels of precision at a quick turnaround speed    using our blue and white light scanning services.

Our 3D scanning services include, among others:

  • High accuracy 3D scanning.
  • Onsite scanning of large objects.
  • Reverse engineering to native CAD formats,
  • Dimensional inspection(CMM).

3D Spectra Tech has grown to become a most recognizable and reliable 3D scanning company due to our commitment to quality and “customer-first” attitude. So, the next time you look for 3D scanning services in Pune, just reach out to us!

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