About Us

3D Spectra Technologies LLP is a digital solutions provider based in Pune. We provide 3D printing services to major companies in Pune and other cities of India. We are one of the few technological brains in India to embrace the potential of 3D printing in designing, manufacturing, and engineering processes. Our team can help you take creativity and innovations to the next level. We are here to bridge the gap between conceptualization and transformation. Embraced with a futuristic vision, next-generation technology, and loads of experience of handling engineering projects, we are revolutionizing rapid prototyping services India.

How 3D Printing Works?

3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping services is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. The digital model is printed by an additive process where successive materials are laid down in different shape layer by layer on the 3D printer’s head, and a command is given it using CAD software to print. 3D printing is the fastest, convenient, and economical method for producing a physical model from a digital file. It is used by mechanical, architectural, electrical, educational, aviation, and automotive industry for rapid prototyping products for testing and enhancing designs.

Our Expertise –

We are committed to technology. Our experience and expertise surpassed all the complexities engineering projects raise. Our experience in CAD services and 3D scanning & printing services have helped several manufacturers in having their own custom hand made tools. We provide world-class machining services to manufacturers. If you are troubled with any types of production issues related to CNC machines, contact us for designing custom made tools. Our comprehensive services for rapid prototyping in Pune will allow you to verify designs, test mechanism and functions of parts, and get complete idea and knowledge for taking production decisions confidently.

3D Printing in Tooling –

While manufacturing tools play an important role in manufacturing, the major challenge was to produce them in a cost-effective manner.  There was also a need cut down the production time of jigs and fixtures. With Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) method, not only the cost and time can be reduced, you can also have improvised tooling designs with better functionality. Our additive manufacturing  designs can enhance productivity and functions of tools and traditional manufacturing methods. Additive manufacturing tooling has become the best method low-volume production of manufacturing tools.

If you are not able to find manufacturing tools that fit your needs, we can help you with custom tool and design using additive manufacturing. We are offering 3D printing services for tolling to many industries. Whether you need tooling for casting, machining, assembling,  we can offer quality and economical tooling and manufacturing solutions. Call us to take advantage of additive manufacturing to fabricate tooling with customization.

We have understood the broad future of 3D printing and are catering to rapid prototyping needs of various manufacturers in Pune. Our rapid prototypes are as good as the final products and best for improving designs and testing parts. They are cost-effective, high-quality, and specific to projects. We apply best manufacturing techniques for creating an accurate and economical rapid prototype quickly.

As a growing city, several rapid prototyping companies which provides rapid prototyping services in Pune have become the need of the hour. We are committed to providing engineering solutions to companies and help them innovate manufacturing methods for transforming their business.

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