CNC Machining

What is CNC Process?

The CNC machining process is a manufacturing process in which programmed computer software controls the movement of the machinery and other tools to achieve fine and quality automated work which is not achievable by doing it manually. The CNC machining services control a wide range of complex industrial tools and giant automotive machinery.

Why should you go for Rapid Precision CNC Services?

The biggest fruit of leveraging the CNC services for your industrial work is the kind of quality work and precision you achieve in the entire process. By using the CNC applications, you just have to program the machine once, and it will even work for thousands of time with the same precise work and deliver professional output which is not possible in the manual work.

CNC machining

Excellent CNC Services Offered By 3d Spectra For You:

CNC Milling Services

CNC milling is a particular computer numerical controlled machining in which the machining process is like the drilling and cutting operations, Any kind of complex drilling, cutting, engraving and more can be performed by various CNC milled parts. 3d Spectra offers you excellent and professional CNC milling services to take care of your every industrial advancement. We have complex CNC milling tools to cater your every single small and giant requirement. 3d Spectra Tech is the only choice for your “machining services near me” query over the crowd of the Internet.

Our team makes sure that every operation and every CNC milling operation is executed with great care and attention. We deliver you robust precision CNC milling services.


CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning is a complex designing and engraving process in which any material bars are arranged in a chuck and its rotated while the tool removes the material to create any shape. This process is useful is creating designer and fashionable items. At 3d Spectra Tech, we offer a wide range of precision CNC turning for your every requirement. Have a look at our vivid turning applications, and CNC turned parts. We can craft you any complex design using our high tech CNC machining services.

CNC Machining Prototype Service

We are here to craft your idea into a touchable, real masterpiece. 3d Spectra offers you an extensive range of precision CNC machining services to deliver quality work. Our expert team of engineers is always ready to help you out with your dream prototype design. You just need to tell us what you need, and we will create it for you with intensive care and robustness.

CNC Machining Service

CNC Precision Machining Parts Manufacturing

3d Spectra Tech offers an array of custom manufacturing services to take care of your every requirement. With the help of CNC precision machining, we fuel your imagination and craft it into a sheer reality. Our team of professional engineers is highly trained for every CNC operation.

CNC Precision Manufacturing

Need high tech custom CNC manufacturing services for your work? Don’t think twice; we are here to help you out in every manufacturing phase. We are backed up with the complex and precise manufacturing process and tools to cater to your custom requirements with perfection. We are the best CNC company in Pune which offers a variety of CNC services for your high tech industrial work.


Advantages of working with 3d Spectra CNC Services:

We fuel innovation:

We really look forward to your cool idea and to craft them into reality using our technology. With our custom CNC machining, we can craft your any complex requirement into a beautiful reality.

Quality comes first:

Superior quality is our prior promise to you. Every process is thoroughly examined.

High on customization:

We push the limits to achieve more for you. Every custom requirement is an exciting challenge for us.

Variety of materials:

3d Spectra Tech offers you more than 40 materials for achieving your end product exactly as you want. If you are searching for the best CNC machining near me on the Internet, your search ends here.