COVID -19 Response by 3D Spectra Technologies LLP


3D Spectra Technologies LLP has developed a smart solution to minimize contact with germs-infected surfaces like door handles. Our “ZERO CONTACT KEY” is a multipurpose device in its truest sense. It can be used anywhere for the no-contact operation of handles and latches for doors and windows, as well as storage cabinets, elevator buttons, and even electric switches and bathroom faucets!

Zero Contact Key Product - 3D Spectra Tech

This latest innovation from 3D Spectra Tech has:
• Comfortable, ergonomic design.
• Extremely pocket-friendly rate.
• Sterilizable product, ideal for use in the post-COVID19 world.
• Durability in its robust and lightweight design.
• Designed to eliminate any chances of infection through contact with contaminated surfaces.
• Customize branding with Logo or Name.

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