Our Philosophy

3D printing in India has been getting popular among professionals. It has become a tool for sucessful business. This has been proving sucessful modern method for designing and manufacturing.

3D printing services in India like 3D Spectra Technologies has understood its demand and are providing wholesome digital solutions like 3D designing and 3D scanning with 3D printing to its clients.

Our philosophy here at 3D SPECTRA revolves around Creativity and Technology.

Creativity defines the ability and technology provides a platform to build the business. Blending our creativity in designing with the technology of 3D Printing we bring your ideas to life.


Every project starts with a strong strategic plan. Our experienced design engineers analyze your requirement properly. With the help of your thoughts and their experience they digitalize your idea into 3D CAD drawings. They always try to optimize the design to the highest level and make it practically suitable for your requirement.


We understand that simply creating the design in 3D form isn’t enough so we make use of latest technology in the field of rapid prototyping i.e. 3D printing to manufacture the model.

Our 3D printing technical team inspects the CAD model and suggests suitable 3D printing techniques for manufacturing the model.

So by use of 3D printing your model gets converted into actual physical object which you can test physically.

Reverse engineering is another area of engineering where we make use of 3D scanning along with 3D printing to duplicate any part within certain sizes.

If you are looking for 3D printers in India, then you have come at right place. 3D Spectra also has variety of 3D printers to suit your business requirements.

We invite you to join the “WORLD OF 3D OFFERINGS”….!!