SLA 3D Printing

When we think of adopting 3D printing technology or buy 3D printer, we instantly think about its various techniques that are responsible for its marvellous outcome. Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing is one of the 3D printing technology. SLA 3D printing is a technique done through photopolymerization.

Photopolymerization is a process by which light causes chains of molecules to link forming polymers which later makes up the body of three dimension solid. Liquid Resin, used as raw material, is cured by UV light or DLP projector layer by layer in Z direction as per the sliced images to form the complete model. Even some cast-able materials are also popular for this technology.

SLA Technology
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SLA 3D Printing

Due to the wide use of cast-able materials, SLA printing technology is used by fashion industry, jewellery industry and dentists among the medical industry. This technology produces higher resolution objects and are more accurate and precise. SLA printer produces fine details of the product. The surface finish in SLA is much smoother as less force is applied during printing.

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