3D Printer On Rent

3D printing has been one of the vast technology with its use for various sectors. Most of the companies have realized this and are adopting 3D printing for their advantages. Today, there are many 3D printing services available that supply 3D printers as well. However, instead of buying 3D printer, you can think of getting 3D printer on rent. Yes, you heard it right. Many printing services rent 3D printers which can be an advantage for you.

The fact is 3D printers are very expensive and many companies cannot afford to buy it. Sometimes companies also need specific printers for short-term projects after which they may switch to their old one. In this case, getting 3D printer on rent can be a feasible choice. You can even rent 3D printers for your company’s seminar or events for effective presentations. 3D Spectra Technologies offers 3D printers on rent for your convenience.

MakerBot Replicator 2 is easy, fast and brings out quality model. It uses PLA filament for its work. It makes high resolution model easily. The surfaces are so smooth that you don’t need post production or finishing for these models. It makes complex assemblies in fewer runs. It can multitask and save your time.

FlashForge Creator Pro uses ABS, PLA, nylon and dissolvable filaments among others with improvements and new hardware editions. It has new build system and spacious build area. It has powdered coated steel frame to hold components together.

UP Mini is an affordable and reliable printer. It is featured with compact design and full metal structure. It has minimum maintenance and enclosed design with no open parts. It can print in both ABS and PLA filaments.

These are the popular 3D printers having ample features. If you are looking for 3D printer on rent, you can connect with 3D Spectra Technologies.

FlashForge Creator Pro


Build Size (225x145x150mm)

UP Mini


Build Size (120x120x120mm)

Makerbot 3d printer

Maker Bot Replicator 

Build Size (280x150x150mm)