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3d Spectra Tech is providing fabrication services from a long time now and we have worked on various complex designs and advanced techniques to fulfill your every requirement of fabrication and related applications. If you are new to fabrication and thinking what exactly is this process, let’s get started:

What is the fabrication process?

If we talk about metal fabrication, it is a popular and widely used term which refers to processes that include cutting, shaping or welding any metal object into a final desired end product. The fabrication process includes metal components such as sheets of metal, metal bars, rods of metals and many more. If the operation is going to be on metal it will be known as metal fabrication and if the process is going to be on some sheets, it will be known as a part of sheet metal fabrication.

In addition to this, the fabrication process is not just limited to these processes or items. By using this technique, you can have any shape, any dimension on a piece of metal to match your requirement. To achieve the need to some complex design fulfillment you need to take help of some high-end techniques like stainless steel fabrication, metal blocks processes and more.

What are the operations of fabrication?

Cutting and Chamfering:

The first thing which comes in this process is the cutting and the chamfering process of any object, mainly metal. In this process, the metal is being cut into definite shape and sizes to match the future requirement. This is a cautious process in which the metal pieces are undergoing with great care.

Once the metal pieces are ready, the next process of the lineup is the chamfering process. As it is not a compulsory process, but this process is needed in a few operations. In this process, a 45-degree beveled edge is built into various surfaces and designs like architectural, constructional products.

Cutting and Chamfering


This is among the most complicated processes of the metal fabrication in which a metal surface shape is altered to a particular angle. With some folding applications, the intention is to craft the metal surface fold at a 90-degree angle. Although, the folding may only be done in operations which are complex and have some special design goals.



The welding is one of the most famous metal fabrication processes. The process of welding begins with multiple pieces of metal. The parts used in a welding application can include sheets, panels, bars or rods. In this process, two pieces are joint together carefully considering the angels, edges, and surfaces, one mistake can waste a huge amount of time. At 3d Spectra tech, our expert team of engineers follows industry level standards in every process. If you are searching for metal fabrication near me, 3d Spectra Tech is your only destination.



In this process, the extra pieces of metal which remain during the above processes are removed using the scraping process. This operation is generally done on a lathe machine. To bring a fine texture to the metal surface, this process is a must. Even in advance operations like creating structural steel fabricators, this process is a fundamental member.

And there are many other processes which come under the fabrication department. We at 3d Spectra Tech offers you the complete set of these processes which are essential to your work. Our team of professional workers and engineers are always ready to take your challenging tasks and accomplish them with sheer perfection. Don’t think twice while outsourcing your work to us, we are the best 3d and other workshop service providers.