Polyjet 3D Printing Services

Polyjet 3D printing has similarity to inkjet printing. However, instead of jetting inks on paper, polyjet printers’ jets layers of curable liquid photopolymer onto a build tray. The process involves pre-processing, production and support removal. In pre-processing, build preparation software automatically calculates the placement of polymers and support material from 3D file.

In production, the 3D printer jets and UV cures tiny drops of liquid photopolymer. Fine layers collect on the build tray to form one or several 3D models or parts. While producing complex shapes, the 3D printer jets removable support material and user can easily remove the support material before the product is out.

Polyjet 3D Printing Services
Polyjet 3D Printed Product
Polyjet 3D Printing Pune
Polyjet 3D Printing

Polyjet printers offer detailing, smoothness and precision. Polyget printer uses several materials for its products and allows multiple material printing. It produces accurate manufacturing tools like molds and fixtures among others. It easily achieves complex shapes and incorporates wide range of colours for the product. Industries like aerospace, architecture, automotive, dentistry, commercial products and consumer products use this technology. The final look and feel of the product is awesome.

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